Technology Partners


EMC is one of the world’s top 10 technology organisations. EMC products and solutions help companies manage information input, processing, storage and publishing. ARM uses EMC products, including Captiva and ApplicationXtender, in solutions such as  AP Automation, Document Management and Digital Mailroom. If you would like to download the EMC ARM reference letter, please click here.


Basware is recognised by industry analysts as the world leader in providing AP Automation. As a strategic partner, ARM benefits from Basware’s commitment to inter-operability with other supplier ERP systems. In this way, our customers enjoy a complete end-to-end AP Automation solution.


Founded in 1996, Autonomy utilises a unique combination of technologies born out of research at Cambridge University. ARM uses Autonomy products such as Teleform, LiquidOffice and IDOL in solutions such as Digital Mailroom and BPA.


OpenText is an industry leader in Enterprise Content Management. ARM uses OpenText products such as OpenText Document Server (Alchemy Edition), OpenText Workflow Server, and OpenText Fax Server (RightFax Edition) to deliver secure receipt and transmission of documents (eFax), document workflow (BPA) and archiving and retrieval (Digital Mailroom) solutions. To download the OpenText ARM recommendation letter, please click here.


ABBYY is a respected provider of document/data capture and linguistic products. ARM utilises ABBYY FlexiCapture in its AP Automation and Digital Mailroom solutions.


Kodak scanners are well known for their quality, innovation and endurance. ARM incorporates Kodak scanning hardware and software in all its capture-related solutions.


ePadLink is a market leader in electronic-signature technologies. ARM utilises ePadLink hardware and software components in its eSignature solution.


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