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About Business Process Automation (BPA)

Automate your existing or proposed business process, with ARM BPA. Using a web-based environment, this solution will simplify the movement of documents and information within your organisation. Here’s how BPA makes application processing and contract management easy:

Application processing:

Applications are completed and submitted using a web browser. They are then forwarded to the relevant person for processing. The data is recorded and, finally, stored in a database.

Contract management:

Contracts are created using a web-based form. They are then routed to the appropriate parties for processing or approval. Triggers can be configured to create an alert at crucial times, such as renewals.

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Benefits to you

  • Reduces operation cost and delay
  • Provides a single platform to manage business processes
  • Replaces manual processes
  • Identifies and corrects process bottle-necks
  • Improves compliance by recording the history of all activities

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