About eSignature

Eliminate the need to print documents for signature and approval, with eSignature. eSignature is completely secure and fully complies with the Australian Electronic Transactions Act. eSignature’s encryption technology guarantees the integrity of signatures and approved data against any change – big or small – and that means peace of mind for you and your organisation.

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Benefits to you

  • Reduces operation costs and delays
  • Reduces paper usage
  • Allows you to quickly access approved documents from any location
  • Reduces the hassle involved with signing and approving documents
  • Improves the security and integrity of the signed document and information
  • Locks the approved document and data to the signature
  • Encrypts the signature to avoid forgery

eSignature Pads Data Sheets:

Customer References

Queensland Police
Queensland Police

The ePad is used in the QLD Police Watchhouse where a person in custody signs their Custody Report to acknowledge property items taken from their possession, their answers to general health questions and the return of their property upon their release. A Brisbane Watchhouse officer commented that the durability and sturdiness of the ePad has enabled it to have a prolonged existence on the front counter of the Watchhouse where it is used repeatedly, and occasionally, by intoxicated and aggressive persons in police custody. The ePad is also utilised at the front counter of Police Stations and within Property Offices to capture signatures within Microsoft Word documents.

Vodafone Hutchison Australia
Vodafone Hutchison Australia

Hutchison Telecom (now VHA) use esignature pads in their mobile phone stores to end the practise of couriering Application documents to their central processing branch for approval. The approval process can now be done in real-time.

Mitre10 Hardware
Mitre10 Hardware

Tradesmen purchasing hardware items over the Trade Counter can now esign the electronic invoice as a Proof of Collection agreement, saving time at the counter and giving them more time at the worksite.

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Video: eSignature with MS Word
Video: eSignature with MS InfoPath

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