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ARM Guide to eSignature Technology

Today’s technology offers great opportunity to more businesses in every industry to automate their processes to achieve greater operational efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, more robust security and all around higher productivity.

Put simply - paper documents and forms are being replaced by their equivalent electronic formats and web forms. This has improved efficiency and reduced operation and processing costs. eSignature is one of the last pieces of the puzzle which enables organisations to automate business processes and end-to-end operation. Through using an eSignature technology, companies capture and attach real signatures onto an electronic document or form. This process does not require documents or forms to be printed for signing which reduces the paper and operation cost. Processing delay is also significantly reduced. The integrity of the signed document and information is maximised since no piece of information can be altered following signing using this technology. This guide seeks to shed some light on how ARM eSignature can provide benefits to organisations and achieve more automation of processes to reduce cost and increase ROI.

ARM eSignature uses the latest and most advanced eSignature technologies to bring automation and cost reduction to organisations. In addition to the most advanced technologies, ARM eSignature is empowered with ARM’s deep and long experience with the technology and related business processes. For the last 15 years ARM has been an expert and solution provider for business process automation. ARM helps organisations to eSignature, implement, support and optimise the automated processes.

Federal Government Regulations

Following is a section from "ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS ACT 1999 - SECT 10 Signature":

(1)  If, under a law of this jurisdiction, the signature of a person is required, that requirement is taken to have been met in relation to an electronic communication if:

  1. a method is used to identify the person and to indicate the person's approval of the information communicated, and
  2. having regard to all the relevant circumstances at the time the method was used, the method was as reliable as was appropriate for the purposes for which the information was communicated, and
  3. the person to whom the signature is required to be given consents to that requirement being met by way of the use of the method mentioned in paragraph

(2)  This section does not affect the operation of any other law of this jurisdiction that makes provision for or in relation to requiring:

  1. an electronic communication to contain an eSignature (however described), or
  2. an electronic communication to contain a unique identification in an electronic form, or
  3. a particular method to be used in relation to an electronic communication to identify the originator of the communication and to indicate the originator's approval of the information communicated. 

ARM eSignature

eSignature Capture

ARM eSignature includes all hardware, software and services which are required to deliver eSignature integration.

ARM eSignature enables organisations to sign MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat PDF files out of the box. It also provides integrations to web forms and other applications.

The server based solution of ARM eSignature enables organisations to store and roam employee signatures within the organisation. Employees can use their signature anywhere within the organisation following appropriate authentication.

ARM eSignature Applications


Banking and financial services constantly handle and process high volumes of sensitive customer information and documents. Speed, accuracy and security are the three important factors in competition, compliance with regulations and customer satisfaction. ARM eSignature helps banking industry to enhance these factors by replacing paper based processes and securing the signed information against future alteration.

ARM eSignature enables instantaneous, signature-secure authorisation of any financial document such as a loan application, new accounts, change of details, withdrawals and credit card applications, all within seconds of signing. Using this solution, the bank won’t need to manage and pay for print, capture, storage and retrieval of paperbound copies. Therefore processing will be more cost effective and customer satisfaction improved significantly.


The insurance industry processes are significantly paperbound around applications and claims. Using ARM eSignature solution, mobile insurance agents can now populate application forms and capture the customer’s signature electronically. This saves hours and days comparing to the traditional paperbound processing.


Retail businesses require capturing customer signatures for the purpose of credit/debit card purchase authorisations. Those who purchase using existing accounts will also need to sign purchase authorisations. Some retailers which sell contracts ( i.e mobile phone plans) require customer signatures on those contracts.

ARM eSignature has provided benefits to the retail industry by providing them a solution to remove the paperwork from the front desk and capture the signature electronically. This allows the business to provide a more a modern customer service as well as reducing the operation cost through reduction of paper.


ARM eSignature solution can benefit any organisation from any industry which requires the frequent capturing of signature from clients and staff. General benefits achieved by deploying eSignatures include:

  • Reducing the cost of paper
  • Reducing the delay to access approved documents
  • Maximising the security and integrity of the signed documents
  • Reducing the effort to have document signed and approved

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