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All the marketing in the world can’t compete with positive word-of-mouth. When other businesses refer ARM to their clients, we are always grateful. To this end, we have created the ARM Affiliation Partner program. Through it, your company can benefit from the endorsement of a reputable business with a proven record of quality consulting and implementation services in a very valuable niche market.

The Affiliation Partner program is designed to reward you for recognising, endorsing, referring and promoting our services. In short, if you identify an opportunity for ARM to assist a member of your client base, we would sincerely value a referral of our services. In return, we offer great financial incentives on every sale we close. The incentive is a percentage of the sale. The exact percentage is a figure on which both our organisations would agree.

Our Vision

Our vision for the Affiliation Partner program is to foster great relationships with other businesses, and build a referral network that promotes ARM’s expertise and quality of service. We are confident that our services can complement other solution providers, business consultants or resellers in the market.

Why become an Affiliation Partner?

If you choose to become an affiliation partner, you will enjoy (at no cost):

  • Financial incentives for your time and loyalty
  • The chance to grow your business by becoming a trusted advisor/solution partner to your clients
  • Opportunities to save your clients time and resources in finding a solution provider

Who is ARM’s ideal Affiliation Partner?

Our Affiliation Partner program is open to anybody within the IT industry who sells or supports business processes products. This includes:

  • IT/technology consulting companies
  • Any software consulting firm/integrator which is not in direct competition with ARM
  • Business consultants

Join ARM Affiliation

To join the ARM Affiliation Partner program, please go to the following link on our website to register your interest:


+61 2 9957 1507

Our partner program consultant will then contact you to discuss further the and mutually discuss the suitability of the program for both parties.

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