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About Digital Mailroom

With ARM Digital Mailroom, you can easily streamline document capture and data extraction, scan and classify your documents, and find them fast.

Whether you’re working with emails, faxes, paper or any other form of document, Digital Mailroom has it covered. Using market-leading smart technologies, it also identifies documents by type (eg. invoices, legal documents, order forms and so on), and extracts the information you need, from ABNs, to invoice or contract numbers, the list goes on. On top of all this, Digital Mailroom automatically uses different techniques to handle structured documents, like forms, as well as semi-structured and unstructured documents. Most importantly, Digital Mailroom works with your existing business systems to store or process images and meta-data.

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Benefits to you

  • Reduces costs and delay
  • Streamlines and automates the receipt and collection of documents
  • Automates document identification
  • Extracts information and reduces the need for data entry
  • Reducing the rate of errors associated with manual handling
  • Reduces the rate of errors associated with manual handling

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